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Who Is He?

Vineet is 24 year old mystery writer based in Pune. He is currently pursuing his Master’s in Business Administration and was hit by the mystery bug at the young age of fourteen. His mysteries are sharp, compelling and keep the readers on the edge till the very last page.

He is one of the best in India and wants to go global. He wrote his FIRST book "Collateral" and published it in April 2017. He loves writing mysteries and cannot imagine writing anything apart from that. His stories are hard hitting and short in length, which has drawn praise from the younger audience as well.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was his inspiration in schooldays and he hopes to achieve the same set of writing skills someday.

Vineet says he has quickly grown up, and became an aware writer because of his passion for cozy mysteries. His second thriller, which is based on a 1950's serial killer, is also in the pipeline. He wants to break the ice between Indian readers and mysteries as he thinks thrillers are something people perceive as boring. He enjoys his family life and wants to keep writing mysteries which are fast and short, like a roller coaster ride!


Vineet Wankhede

Address: Nagpur - INDIA

Mobile: +91 7304756060



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